What is a good product

After a long evolution, people formed the present you, me and him. This shaped human body is most suitable for humans. If bad habits or other causes the deformation of the human body, it will affect the blood circulation and nerve compression, make people uncomfortable, and even get corresponding diseases. In real life, work and study, it will certainly have a certain impact on the human body, which is difficult to avoid, including the aging of the human body itself. At this time, we need products that conform to human body shape and human mechanics to maintain or correct human body shape. For example, the concave convex of the hip cushion is very particular. The convex can often bear the maximum force. Therefore, the sciatic area is the largest force point, and the stress on the tailbone and other parts should be less, otherwise it is easy to compress the blood circulation and nerve damage.

Insoles, cushions, waist rests, pillows, mattresses and some protective devices in contact with the human body should comply with human mechanics. The preferred materials are soft materials without foaming, such as soft TPR, soft PU and soft silica gel. The hardness is mainly within Shao's 20 degrees. Many people call these materials gel (gelatin). It is characterized by the state between solid and liquid, which indicates that this material has certain softness. The gel itself is soft material, no matter how pressing it is, its density is basically unchanged. The advantage of this material is that it can provide the body with as long as possible a durable and stable supporting force. However, the actual situation is that after using the sponge for a long time, the density increases, but the supporting force is due to the "tendon" of the sponge Too many breaks lead to not much support, which is why many people will encounter the sofa that has been sitting for a long time, which will become thin and soft, and there is no support when sitting. This kind of sponge material is difficult to provide lasting and stable support, which is not the best choice for the human body.

Insoles, cushions, waist rests, pillows, mattresses and some protective equipment in contact with the human body should have certain air permeability. Sometimes when using cushions in winter, sitting for a long time will cause damp and hot hips. Many harmful bacteria are particularly easy to breed in this damp and hot environment, prone to skin rash, not to mention muggy summer. It is determined according to the actual situation of the whole year Choosing appropriate breathable products is more beneficial to the human body.