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Strong R & D strength (with more than 150 patents)

Professional gel products fountainhead factory

More than 20 years of production experience

Professional service team

Strict quality control system

Pursue real high cost performance

Domestic and foreign major customer supply experience

Have various factory inspection conditions

Wide application range

  • Foot care
  • Waist care
  • Cervical vertebra nursing
  • Knee care
  • Perishoulder care
  • Sports nursing
  • Hip care

International standard health gel products

New Arrivals

Professional TPR (TPE) gel supplier

Ningbo Bolishun Commodity Co., Ltd. was founded in March 1999, specializing in the development, manufacture and sale of gel products. The main products include adequate care (such as insole), gel cushion, gel waist waist, gel pillow, gel mattress and other related gel products.

  • 20Year

    Manufacturing experience

  • 150Multiple

    Product appearance and technical patents

  • 500+

    Customer supply

  • 200+

    Cooperative partner

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  • 09-15


    Relationship between TPR and TPE

    TPE is called thermoplastic elastomer plastic in Chinese. PVC, TPU and so on are within the range of thermoplastic elastomer plastics, and its range is wide
  • 09-15


    Comparison between cushion sponge and TPR gel

    Sponges are more likely to be subjected to increased pressure and become denser and harder. Therefore, sponges will sit more and more flat, and their support will be worse and worse. TPR itself is soft and not afraid of pressure, because it is not foaming, so it has better support.
  • 09-15


    What is a good product

    After a long evolution, people formed the present you, me and him. This shaped human body is most suitable for humans. If bad habits or other causes the deformation of the human body, it will affect the blood circulation and nerve compression, make people uncomfortable, and even get corresponding diseases. In real life, work and study, it will certainly have a certain impact on the human body, which is difficult to avoid, including the aging of the human body itself. At this time, we need products that conform to human body shape and human mechanics to maintain or correct human body shape.